Luxurious Car Safety Seats for Dogs

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I wasn’t looking for a dog seat for the car, always thought Enzo my Zuchon (Shih Tzu & Bichon Cross) was comfortable sitting on the back seat of the car, although I have to admit he has never been comfortable sitting on the front passenger seat, so when Debbie showed me her dog seat I thought it was a gimmick!  How wrong was I!  The seat fits easily into the front & back seat of my Fiesta & Range Rover.  The seat belt wraps around it nicely & holds it firmly in place.  Enzo is a different dog when travelling in the car now, he can see out of the window & there is plenty of room for him to sit & lie down for a sleep after a long muddy walk.  The cover is very easy to keep clean too.  A quick wipe with a damp cloth is all it needs, to be honest though it gets vacuumed more than washed,  very low maintenance.  All in all an excellent purchase!

Sarah Enzo's mum

I bought this after my dog was catapulted off the seat when I had to brake suddenly. A fantastic product to keep her safe and also prevents her moving about between the front and back while I am driving. It's like travelling first class for her. Highly recommend

Jane, Molly's mum

Been looking for something like this for ages. Bertie was so nervous in the car but a couple of trips in his new seat and he is so settled. Loves his travels now.

Thank you Debbie & Lola

Thea Bertie's mum