Dachshund and Bichon in red dog car seat
Red dog car seat
Red Dog Car seat
Bichon in Red Dog Car seat
Bichon and Dachshund in Dog Carseat

Capooch Luxury Red Quilted Dog Car Safety Seat

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Capooch seats are made in the UK from top-quality materials that are super-comfy, durable, and easy to clean. The unique, innovative design is easy to install and enables safe and secure car travel for dogs up to 20 lbs. The seat is contoured to fit most car seats, back and front, although we recommend back seat travel for optimal safety for your pet. If you do travel with your furbaby in the front seat, you should deactivate the passenger airbag. 

Capooch attaches firmly using the seat belt, your pup is held securely in the seat via their harness and the robust, top-quality trigger hook that’s included. So, your dog is safe and secure in their seat, but they can still enjoy the view from the window thanks to Capooch’s elevated position.

The super-comfy seat is made from firm, supportive foam that creates a den-like place that's ideal for dogs with mobility issues and for poor travellers. Now, car sickness can be a thing of the past, thanks to Capooch!

The seat’s soft, plush cover is warm and comforting. The zip-fastened cover can be spot-cleaned as required, and it can be easily removed for machine washing too. The cover can be spray-cleaned, using a 50% solution of white vinegar and water. 

Carpooch specifications:

  • For dogs up to 20 lbs
  • Removable, machine washable cover
  • Supportive, high-grade foam seat
  • Safe and secure travel for your pet
  • UK made from top-quality materials
  • Helps eliminate car sickness
  • Outer dimensions (metric): 
    406 mm (w) x 508 mm (d) x 406 mm (h)
  • Inner Dimensions (metric): 
    305 mm (w) x 406 mm (d) x 190 mm (h), 
    sloping to 102 mm (h) at lowest point of scoop front
  • Outer dimensions (imperial): 
    16" (w) x 20" (d)  x 16" (h)
  • Inner Dimensions (imperial): 
    12" (w) x 16" (d) x 7.5" (h), 
    sloping to 4" (h) at lowest point of scoop front

Did you know that under the UK Highway Code, your dog must be suitably restrained during car journeys? If your dog travels loose in your car, your insurance could be invalidated in the event of an accident.

With Capooch, your beloved furbaby can travel with you in safety and comfort every day!